Arcade Buzz

Arcade Buzz it’s an arcade game for three players, who press the buttons making their bee fly as long as possible. The game is based on healthy competition and having a really good time. The bee on the screen is controlled by pressing a button. Player who beats the high score wins the Jackpot. Arcade Buzz is a combination of a beautiful design, solid metal cabinet and great fun. The winner hits the jackpot. This game will get your customers buzzzzing.

  • Electrical requirements: voltage: 90V - 240V, power consumption: 230W frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz
  • Extensions: Working with most popular currency acceptors and ticket dispensers.
  • Resolution: FullHD 1080 x 1920
  • Graphics diameter: 50-inches
  • Sound: Stereo 5.5-inch speaker system High-efficiency audio amplifier
  • Software features: Digital ticket and currency counters. Advanced ticket settings and statistics. Volume adjustment for standby and in-game. Freeplay mode.
  • Safety glass.
  • Mechanical counters for currency and tickets.
  • Full LED illumination.
  • RGB LED controller.
  • Hologram + 500 €
Dimensions 125 × 103 × 263 cm