COMIX is equipped with a lightning LED system and play field made of stainless steel. The device has two displays and encourages players with cheerful, funky music. This is one of the most popular games among millions of players. Solid cost ruction proven by over 20 years of experience and modern software which allows you to easily personalize different settings.

  • electronic coin acceptor COMESTERO RM5
  • stainless perforated metal playfield
  • system of lighting LED in playfield
  • system of lighting LED in legs
  • digital score display
  • polycarbonate barrier in the middle of playfield
  • air pump 260 W
  • power supply 230v/50Hz
  • power consumption 82 W (demo mode), 260 W (game mode)
  • accessories included: 4 mallets, 6 pucks, 100 tokens (if programmed for tokens)
  • warranty: 12 months for enterprises, 24 months for consumers
Dimensions 238 × 128 × 85 cm

8ft, 6ft