Hammer Bottle

Entertainment amusement machine Hammer Bottle is an innovative device that captures the attention of anyone passing by. Its unique shape sparks curiosity and encourages taking on a challenge. This remarkable combination of hammer striking fun with modern light effects creates unforgettable entertainment experiences.

To initiate a strength test, the player takes a sturdy hammer in hand, which serves as a tool for measuring their striking power. The central point of the machine is a massive bottle along with a thermometer-like scale. Players have the pleasure of observing how their physical effort translates into impressive light effects. Initially subtle, the light gradually gains intensity, visually resembling the boiling of a bottle. The machine delivers a spectacular light show to the viewers.

The entertainment vending machine Hammer Bottle is not just an ordinary game; it's a true multisensory experience that blends tradition with modernity, enticing physical activity, competition, and shared fun. Its extraordinary form, attractive bottle design, and dazzling light effects make it a true star in the world of entertainment amusement machines.

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