Little Ghost

Little Ghost is an outdoor arcade game. It is 100% waterproof no rain, snow or drinks will scare it! WIK quality means unbreakable. Hit the ugly heads to score points but beware of the red circles! 3 difficulty levels, 2 hammers, platform for the kids, wheels for easy transport.

  • interactive game improving reflex and dexterity, suitable both for children and adults
  • electronic coin acceptor COMESTERO RM5
  • construction made of: metal and laminated polycarbonate
  • digital score, credit and record display
  • easy and fast assembly
  • power supply 230v/50Hz
  • power consumption 18 W (demo mode), 130 W (game mode)
  • warranty: 24 months for home use, 12 months for business use
Dimensions 130 × 56 × 80 cm

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